Developing on a NodeMCU board with Micro Python

I have a problem collecting rubbish and recycling saturation data. I’ve tried developing on existing ESRI apps to collect data and store it in the cloud. Its failed every time. These approaches failed because no one likes doing data entry on a phone or tablet, the guys who drive the truck. A clipboard is still more reliable than a smartphone but that cannot collect the street or time stamp. But who doesn’t like hitting an old arcade button right? I’m trying to develop a data collection method that’s manual but digital, easy and cheap. Continue reading “Developing on a NodeMCU board with Micro Python”

GPS City

Using GPS points to map out a city we get a new dimension to our maps. Using the increasingly ubiquitous GPS data available it occurs to me we have a new way to cartographically visualize infrastructure. With the combination of millions of GPS points we can build up an great view of the city. Continue reading “GPS City”

Cheap to Environmentally Friendly

Moving people from a cheap option to a more environmentally friendly one is tough in a commercial setting. Of the target list we managed to convert 36% of the companies with some interest in Recycling. Continue reading “Cheap to Environmentally Friendly”