GPS City

Using millions of points to make a road map!

Using GPS points to map out a city we get a new dimension to our maps. Using the increasingly ubiquitous GPS data available it occurs to me we have a new way to cartographically visualize infrastructure. With the combination of millions of GPS points we can build up an great view of the city.

We can tell where the busy roads and junctions are without any road hierarchy attributes or traffic monitoring. Cities pays millions to monitor traffic and here I can produce a more informative visualization on the fly. It’s not upto the statistical rigors of a road planner but it is visually more informative at a glance.


Here is the cities road network generated entirely from GPS points:


3 replies on “GPS City”

I pulled the data from a fleet of city sanitation vehicles in this case. If you look carefully you can see where the vehicles spend most of their time

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There is a company in New Zealand called smartrak, they provide gps units on fleet vehicles. I used their data as the fleet of vehicles has a contract with them.


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