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Developing on a NodeMCU board with Micro Python

I have a problem collecting rubbish and recycling saturation data. I’ve tried developing on existing ESRI apps to collect data and store it in the cloud. Its failed every time. These approaches failed because no one likes doing data entry on a phone or tablet, the guys who drive the truck. A clipboard is still more reliable than a smartphone but that cannot collect the street or time stamp. But who doesn’t like hitting an old arcade button right? I’m trying to develop a data collection method that’s manual but digital, easy and cheap.

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How to record your GPS location

The approach you take to data logging will vary based on your needs.

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How to download Free Satellite Imagery

As a GIS professional your workflow very likely includes the acquisition of data to solve problems. In this post I’m going to be laying out a guide to Satellite geospatial data. Hopefully this will make finding data you don’t work with everyday a little easier.