Bus shelter after bus shelter damaged make change necessary

A cities public transport network relies on having sheltered dry places to wait for the next bus; especially in a student city. Damage to this infrastructure affects the whole service. Continue reading “Bus shelter after bus shelter damaged make change necessary”

A Pokie Question

Pokie machines… a questionable social vice or good fun. Regardless of your point of view, they are certainly profitable. Palmerston North City and Ashhurst spent $4,623,896.06 on them in 2017.  That’s $57.70 per person in a city of 80,000. Continue reading “A Pokie Question”

Trash Mapping with ArcPro

Looking over the invoices for council I found $##redacted (large sum of money, larger than I was ultimately aloud to publish on the infographic or my blog ) being spent on illegal dumping every year. That is an impressive sum of money for a small city. So I’m producing a map to show the annual cost and distribution of illegal dumping in the City; while telling the story of how long it take the council to pick the trash up. The data has been collected using Survey123 and Workforce and visualized in ArcGIS pro. Continue reading “Trash Mapping with ArcPro”