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Bus shelter after bus shelter damaged make change necessary

cleaning up the city! mapping for some social good.


Practical Pipe Inspections

City water networks are inspected regularly. CCTV footage helps confirm replacement scheduling. These are algorithmically generated, and are not always that reliable. Lets make some information visible.

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A Pokie Question

Pokie machines… a questionable social vice or good fun. Regardless of your point of view, they are certainly profitable. Palmerston North City and Ashhurst spent $4,623,896.06 on them in 2017.  That’s $57.70 per person in a city of 80,000.


The Value of Building Footprints

When mapping at a local scale we’re usually trying to show some sort of targeted data. This makes context important, but not so much that it takes away from the data your trying to show.

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DEM effects

While working on a project I came across this effect. I was trying to render a height map, for both the country

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Cleaning up the City – Graffiti

For many people, a city’s success is judged aesthetically. Basically how pleasant an environment is it.

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Trash Mapping with ArcPro

Looking over the invoices for council I found $##redacted (large sum of money, larger than I was ultimately aloud to publish on the infographic or my blog ) being spent on illegal dumping every year. That is an impressive sum of money for a small city. So I’m producing a map to show the annual cost and […]

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The Power of Python Toolboxes

A lot of manual work can be avoided by using scripts to automate the processes. However, you inevitably end up with a lot of scripts to automate different pieces of a process.

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Why we should 3D print buildings

Maps have an amazing ability to focus a discussion. As a discussions becomes bigger less people can see the map and the conversation breaks down. This is actually a really big problem. 

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Understanding As-Builts

Since Roman times city planning has included the provisioning of Water. Moving forwards a couple of thousand years has taken us away from the obvious aqueduct to an immensely complex underground network of pipe’s servicing the 3 water system; Wastewater, Storm water and drinking Water.