Four Tips for Working with Workforce

Workforce takes operations from ad hoc paper based system or a disconnected collection of GIS features to a systematic flexible and programmable to do list. At its heart there is a focus on keeping work loads simple. That means seeing only the information you need to perform the tasks relevant to you.  Continue reading “Four Tips for Working with Workforce”

Making Maps! ArcGIS Pro in under 5 minutes

arcpro map layout

3 Step Guide to Publishing Hard Copy Cartography in ArcGIS Pro

Like almost every other GIS professional I’ve been producing hardcopy maps using the trusty workhorse of GIS, ArcMap for quite a while now; with the occasional foray on it’s slightly more hipster cousin QGIS. Over the last couple of years ESRI have been developing their cloud GIS  and a new Desktop App called ArcGIS Pro. Continue reading “Making Maps! ArcGIS Pro in under 5 minutes”